The Top 2 Graphic Tablets for Drawing

Find the Best Graphic Tablet for Drawing

The art of drawing has come quite a long way in the past decade. The introduction of the computer as a medium for drawing took the world by storm and new applications for art arose. Instead of spending hours drawing thousands of pictures for a comic flipbook effect, artists can now use an electronic pad and pen to draw on a computer with ease. Up until the past few years those pads have been clunky, large, and not very precise – but not anymore. Wacom offers drawing pads that give you a sharp and accurate reading from the included pen to allow you to draw like you were using paper.

Serious artists looking to get into the animated film business or just get into a new technological drawing realm can purchase one of Wacom’s flagship devices for a very affordable cost.

Wacom Intuos5 Graphic Tablet: $230 – $500

The Intuous5 comes in 4 different sizes ranging from the Small 6.2’ x 3.9’ to Extra Large giving you the freedom you deserve for your art. Boasting a multi-touch surface, free software downloadable from and a pressure sensitive pen, the Intous5 is the perfect choice for the professional artist to combine their drawing skills with technology. Like all of Wacom’s products, all Intous5 versions come with a multi-touch pressure sensitive screen and pen alike with an accuracy of 0.25mm giving you a perfect touch every time.

But drawing tablets don’t just need to be for artists.

The Bamboo line of products are the perfect drawing tablets for the younger audience who want to integrate their art with a computer.

Wacom Bamboo Splash – $79.99

At just $79 the Bamboo Splash couldn’t be a better price for the amateur artist trying to get into something new or just wanting to play around with animation. Using a mouse can be clunky, unreliable and very inaccurate, but all of Wacom’s drawing tablets offer pressure sensitive pens that are accurate to two hundredths of an inch.

With the Bamboo Connect you’re able to draw all over your computer screen letting you take hand written notes without wasting paper. Ever been afraid of your kids marking up your computer with markers? The Bamboo Connect lets your young ones mark all over your computer screen without damaging it and letting them create beautiful drawings while you type out a draft for work, and being only $79 isn’t too bad either.

The Bamboo Capture is perfect for editing pictures with Adobe Photoshop with the same precision you would get using a pencil on a printed photograph. At just $99 it’s a simply choice to get this tablet over an expensive product aimed at professionals with lots of money.

Perhaps the best part about any of these tablets is the free licensing you get for editing programs like Adobe Photoshop Elements, Anime Studio Debut, Autodesk Sketchbook Express, and Nik Color Effects Pro 4 Select Edition. You won’t have to buy the expensive programs needed for precision editing; everything you need is included in each packaged product. All of Wacom’s products are compatible with your PC or Mac via a USB cord.

When in Doubt – Go Wacom.

The Intuos5 and Bamboo Splash are my favorite 2 graphic tablets for drawing. If for some reason you’re not drawn to either of these tablets, I recommend shopping for other Wacom tablets here.