The Best Tablets of 2013 Revealed


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Can you believe 2013 is almost half over already?!

They say time goes by faster when you’re having fun, but for the tablet market, time speeds by regardless of what you’re doing.

The speed at which tablet PCs are improving, getting faster, getting smaller, getting slimmer… it’s incredible.

I haven’t even mentioned the best part yet. HINT: $$$. Price!

That’s right — despite the ultra-fast increase in speed & portability 2013 tablets feature, the costs have found a way to DROP.

This lethal combination of increased performance + low prices has led industry experts to predict 2013 will be the biggest year for tablets ever. Hurry, get in while it’s still warm!

The Top 3 Best Tablets of 2013

The tablet market has EXPLODED in 2013. There are 100+ tablets available for a variety of prices, each equipped with numerous overlapping features.

Which one do you choose? Finding the top tablet for you can be a long search…

Stop – you don’t need to spend the next 3 hours of your own time performing headache inducing tablet research.

We did it for you, and more.

Check out the 3 top-rated tablets of 2013 now. You know the rules: click the picture for more information, or keep scrolling down to see your other options.

1. The iPad Mini


Just like Apple’s original iPad took the tablet market by storm, the new iPad mini has made a huge splash as one of the top tablets 2013 has seen yet.

The iPad Mini takes everything the iPad does well, then reduces the size. What’s not to like?

This feature packed device has a lot to show off about, including a 5MP camera with 1080p video capabilities.

The iPad Mini is a great choice for a family’s first tablet. This is the most popular tablet of 2013.

iPad Mini Quick Features:

  • 7.9-inch screen, 1024×768 resolution
  • Up to 10 hours of battery life
  • Weighs 308 grams
  • Click Here to Check the Current iPad Mini Price Now

    2. The Kindle Fire HD


    Right behind the iPad mini – but barely – is the fan favorite Kindle Fire HD.

    Personally, I consider the Kindle Fire HD the best non-Apple iPad tablet available in 2013. If you want a tablet, but don’t like iPads, check this out.

    The Kindle Fire includes all the features you want in a tablet: HD anti-glare screen for outdoor reading, powerful dual-driver speakers for listening to that new song with your friends, and ultra-fast dual-antennae WiFi for lightning quick app downloads.

    The Kindle Fire HD is the best tablet for your dollar in is 2013. By far. This tablet provides incredible value.

    Kindle Fire HD Quick Specs:

  • 7-inch screen, 1280×800 resolution
  • Up to 8.5 hours of battery life
  • Weighs 400 grams
  • Click Here to Check the Current Kindle Fire HD Price Now

    3. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2


    Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 2 is our first true Android tablet on our top 3 tablets list, and for good reason.

    This tablet does an extraordinary job showcasing just how beautiful yet utility focused Android tablets can be.

    Our favorite part about the Galaxy Tab 2 is its tremendous portability. The 7-inch edition is perfect for long travel distances thanks to its iron man caliber battery lasting up to 8 hours.

    Galaxy Tab 2 Quick Specs:

  • 7-inch screen, 1024×600 resolution
  • Up to 8 hours of battery life
  • Weighs 345 grams
  • Click Here to Check the Current Galaxy Tab 2 Price Now

    The Best Tablets of 2013 Compared


    Time to get down to the meat and potatoes.

    Here we compared the top tablets of the year based on a few different needs. Small tablets, big tablets, slim tablets – we didn’t discriminate.

    Remember, to get more details on a tablet you’re considering buying today, just click the image or the price.

    Dig in!

    Your Tablet Questions Answered – What is the Best Tablet for You?

    To finish off this comprehensive guide to buying a tablet we’re going to answer some of your questions that have been sent in.

    If your question wasn’t answered here, throw us a quick comment at the end of this page and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours.

    What is the best tablet for college students?

    Students looking to buy a tablet for school have to worry about 2 things. Portability, to make carrying the tablet between classes a non-issue, and functionality, so you’re actually being productive with your tablet.

    For these reasons, the iPad Mini tops our list as the best tablet for students. You can also purchase add-on physical keyboards for the iPad Mini, making typing long notes much easier than using a touch screen.

    More Information on the iPad Mini Here

    What is the best Android tablet of 2013?

    We’re huge fans of Google’s Nexus line of Android Tablets.

    Both the Asus Nexus 7 and the Google Nexus 10 are gorgeous devices running new versions of the Android OS.

    More Information on the Asus Nexus 7 Here

    More information on the Google Nexus 10 Here

    What is the best tablet for Kids?

    Buying a tablet for your child is a great idea. It allows them to experience and learn how to use simple computers at a young age.

    Our votes are split between the Kindle Fire HD, and any of Apple’s iPads.

    We like the Kindle because of its perfect size and low cost, while the iPads are great because of the THOUSANDS of educational apps and games available for children.

    More Information on iPads Here

    Until Next Year!

    We hope our 2013 tablet buying guide helped make buying your new tablet easy.

    If you have any questions about which tablet you should buy, drop us a comment below.

    We will frequently update this post to keep it relevant during 2013.