Discover the Best Tablet for Seniors

Discover the Best Tablet for Seniors

Every family tech-support person knows what a phone call from the grandparents means: “My computer is broken! I can’t find the Internet! How do I check my e-mail again?”

Wouldn’t it be nice if they never encountered these problems?

Kindle Fire HD is the Best Tablet for Seniors

Kindle Fire HD

Enter the Kindle Fire HD 8.9”. This tablet is great for seniors because it easily does what seniors want it to do. I recommend this over the smaller Kindle Fire, because the larger screen will be easier to read, while still feeling good in your hands.

With Amazon Prime you get access to the Lending Library, which allows you to borrow books from other members. The Kindle Fire HD also allows you to buy books, movies, music, and magazines just as easy as you would using a computer at the website. The neat thing about doing so on a tablet, however, is that you can adjust the font size and colors of the books and even enable text-to-speech. In addition to text-to-speech, there is also a wide array of Audible audiobooks available – and seniors can turn up the volume on it easily with external volume controls.

The Kindle Fire HD is capable of up to 10 hours of battery life, however I would expect anywhere from 5 to 8, depending on how heavily it is used. This allows seniors to forget to charge their device a couple nights, but still be able to use it during the day. Knowing my grandparents though, they’ll plug it in every night!

Communicating has never been easier for seniors than it is with the Kindle Fire HD. It comes with Skype pre-installed on the tablet, and with the front-facing camera they can video call you from anywhere in the world. If they want to use Facebook or E-Mails, it’s just as easy to set them up on the tablet as well.

Accessing all of this couldn’t be simpler – you just point. You don’t even “point and click” anymore.

Amazon has made buying apps super simple. They’ll have tons of fun downloading new apps that save their recipes, fling birds, handle bank accounts for them, and anything else a computer was used for – except all that hassle of updating a driver or else nothing will work properly.

Priced at under $300, this is a great tablet you’ll get lots of use out of.

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