Cheap Tablets: The Best Tablets Under $200


Top Tablets Under $200

For those of you under a tight budget who still want to buy a tablet, purchasing a $600 iPad doesn’t seem feasible. Luckily there are a lot of different options from various quality companies that offer good products at a low price. Here are just a few of some of the top tablets under $200 in no particular order.

Note: These are all quality tablets. We’re not going to recommend brand “Ultra Cool Tablet Company” just because they sell $50 tablets. You can’t make a bad decision going with any of these tablets under $200.

All the models listed on this page are also fairly current. None of them have been released in 2014, but they plenty new to handle modern use. You don’t need to worry about any of these tablets meeting your minimum requirements.

For $200 you can buy a quality tablet PC that will last you a couple of years. You are getting MUCH more value buying a $200 tablet than you are a $200 tablet.

The Best Tablet Under $200 is the Kindle Fire HD

amazon kindle fire movie

From comes arguably the front contender for best cheap tablet on the market. This $199 tablet features an HD 7-inch screen along with access to the Amazon application market which features many of the same apps provided on the iPad like Angry Birds, Plants vs. Zombies, and hundreds of thousands of others.

The Kindle Fire HD also features access to over 23 million movies, TV shows, books, magazines and more, all ready to download with the dual band antenna which makes downloads over 30% faster than other leading tablets. You can video chat with friends or family using the front facing HD camera and listen to music or watch movies without headphones by utilizing the built in Dolby Audio speakers.

Compared to other tablets, the Kindle Fire HD offers many aspects of the more expensive Apple iPad, while being a third of the cost. The Fire is perfect to be used as a media outlet on the go, just for fun, or for a graphical monster of a gaming tablet using its 1.2Ghz processor.

Conclusion: The Kindle Fire is one of our favorite tablets on the market, period. Buying the Kindle Fire HD for under $200 is a steal of a good deal. Click here to Buy the Kindle Fire HD for $199 now.

Second Place: Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, The Cheap Android Powerhouse


Samsung has been in the tablet business for awhile now and have a great product to show for it. The Galaxy Tab 2 features the same 7-inch screen as many of the tablets seen today, along with rear and front facing cameras for video chatting or making videos/taking pictures if you don’t have a camera handy.

It also has Bluetooth capabilities to connect wireless headphones to it as well a physical keyboard if the touchscreen isn’t right for you. The Galaxy Tab 2 comes with a solution from a problem that many people face with their tablets, which is not having enough hard drive space to store all of their movies, games, or work files. Unlike most tablets, the Galaxy Tab has an integrated MicroSD memory card slot (up to 32GB) so you can have additional memory space if the built in 8GB isn’t enough.

The Galaxy Tab 2 is packed with dozens of unique features; such as the ability to use it as a remote for your TV, an application store, and 1GB of ram to keep everything running quick and smooth.

Conclusion: Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 2 is our pick for the best Android tablet under $200. Incredible value for a cheap price, and tons of third party support. Click here to Buy the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 for $199.

Last but not Least: Lenovo Ideapad, the Durable Tablet


While not very well known, the Ideapad tablet is not to be taken lightly when comparing it to other tablets. Sporting a 7-inch screen like the rest, front and back cameras, and a MicroSD slot like the Galaxy Tab 2, this tablet is a good contender for the running of best tablet under $200.

Perhaps the best features of the Ideapad aren’t the software or hardware, but how the tablet itself is built. The main construction of the tablet is made of a magnesium alloy frame, making it extremely durable and resistant to being dropped, but the entire tablet weighs less than a pound. Unlike the iPad, the Lenovo Ideapad offers Adobe Flash support, which lets you play all kinds of videos and animations.

While the Ideapad isn’t used primarily for gaming or videos, it still offers a bright screen to watch movies and TV shows as well as a 1Ghz processor to play various games. There are plenty of tablets out there for consumer use, and not all of the best cost $500 or more, you just have to search in hidden corners to find a tablet that suits your needs for a good bargaining price. The IdeaPad is one of those.

Conclusion: The strong, durable IdeaPad takes third place in our best tablets under $200. If you’re not into the user friendly Kindle Fire, nor the Android powered Galaxy Tab 2, then Click here to Buy the Lenovo IdeaPad for under $200 now.

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There you have it; the top 3 tablets for less than $200 broken down nice and easy.

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