Best Tablets for Students: The Complete Breakdown

Best Tablets for Students

Whether you’re in high school or college, many people look to tablets as a cost effective alternative to a desktop computer or laptop to suit their educational needs as well as recreational. Some of the top chosen tablets to help you in school are found with Google, Apple, and Microsoft.

Finding the Best Tablet for College Students

We’ve done our research to reveal the top tablets for college students, now we’re sharing that information with you.

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apple ipad

Apple iPad

Chances are you’ve seen the commercials or heard about the iPad through the grapevine, but a lot of people see it as only a recreational tool. For those of us who don’t have the money to spend on a thousand dollar laptop, a better option is always nice to have, and the iPad is the answer.

While there are two different sizes of iPads with the iPad Mini having debuted in 2012, a student would most likely want to go for the original iPad, as its screen and processing power are much greater than the Mini.

With a 9.7-inch screen it rivals that of a smaller sized laptop, without needing the additional space wasted for a physical keyboard, but if you did want one, there are multiple Bluetooth keyboards available for the iPad as well as many other tablets.

Word processing as well as PowerPoint presentations are a staple in the average student’s life and the Apple App Store provides many different options of versions of each to choose from. Some of the more popular versions are Pages ($9.99) from Apple, which does a perfect job of giving you an alternative for Word, and Quickoffice Pro ($19.99), which is essentially Microsoft Office for your iPad.

When you’re done taking notes or completing homework, the iPad supplies you with countless hours of fun and relaxation from movies to games and books. With the iPad’s Retina Display, you can watch high definition videos and play exciting games using the tablet’s powerful A6X processing chip. All of this can be acquired for only $499-799 in sizes from 16GB to 128GB respectively.

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Microsoft Surface Pro

Microsoft Surface Pro

Compared to the iPad, the Microsoft Surface is more of a laptop than a tablet, but can function as either.

The Surface features a very big 10.6-inch screen with auto-lighting features and is made of Gorilla Glass, which is crack and scratch resistant. The tablet itself is powered by the same processors used in high-end laptops which gives is a powerful edge over the iPad.

Perhaps the biggest difference between the iPad and the Surface is the keyboard included with the Surface tablet.

The keyboard connects with a magnetic strip in the middle and snaps comfortably in place when in close proximity to the Surface connection port. The Surface is probably the best laptop/tablet hybrid with the portability and touch capabilities of a tablet, and the power and size of a laptop. Word processing is easily done on the Surface with the multitude of Microsoft apps included with it, and at a mere $900 with 64GB of memory.

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ASUS Eee Pad Transformer

acer transfomer pad 2

If you don’t want to fork out up to a thousand dollars on a tablet for school you can always go for the cheaper option of the Asus Transformer. Like the Surface, this tablet features a connectable keyboard and full laptop experience.

At just $399 for the tablet and $199 for the keyboard, the Transformer comes to the same price as the iPad, but with a keyboard included in the purchase. It has the standard 10-inch screen, but also encompasses two USB ports for thumb drive usage or just to use as a charger for additional devices. It also has a mini-HDMI port in case you want to take a break from studying and watch a movie on a bigger screen.

The Transformer has all of the features of the average tablet with the feel of a laptop computer, and once the keyboard is connected, you can’t tell the difference. It comes with a hard drive of 16GB, but if that isn’t enough for you, you can always buy additional space in the form of USB drives to use with the USB ports.

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The days of college students using bulky laptops for taking notes are limited. Tablets are growing in popularity as students everywhere realize the wide range of utility tablets present in everyday school use.

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