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Welcome to the best tablet buying guide on the internet – best tablet for me.

On this page you’ll find all the top tablet buying resources that you need to find the perfect tablet. From the tablet comparison chart, to the best tablets of the year, we’ve answered every question you may have before you order your shiny new tablet today.

We’re about to break down all of the best tablets into specific categories, making it easy for you to find what you’re looking for.

Click the link that best applies to you to find more information on those tablets, including customer reviews, accessories, and price.

Find the Best Tablet on the Market Today

Tablets on the market
Searching for the best tablet on the market will leave you sorting through dozens and dozens of internet websites, endlessly digging throughout each page trying to research how each tablet stacks up against another, compare that performance to price, and then go through 20+ other important metrics to compare when buying a tablet.

The tablet market is enormous! If you’re somebody who truly values your time, you won’t put yourself through this pain. It’s our job to highlight the best tablets for you. Read on to reveal what the best tablet on the market available today really is.

What is the Best Tablet?

So, you’ve come to us to help you find the perfect tablet. You want to know what the best one is?

There is no straight forward definitive answer to that question. Asking “what is the best tablet” is like asking what the best flavor of ice cream is. We know you really like strawberry, but we prefer chocolate. In the end, it all comes down to a series of personal preferences.

Now that you know this, it’s probably starting to make more sense to you why we have so many top tablets lists on this site. We have one for students, kids, note takers, the list goes on. This is because finding the best tablet for you depends on what exactly you’re going to use your new tablet for.

If you’re buying a tablet for drawing, or other arty activities click here.

If you’re buying a tablet for exploring the internet, using apps, listening to music, watching movies, using social networks, playing games, and other popular tablet activities, read on to discover the top tablets for you.

Top Rated Tablets to Choose From

5 Gold stars
3d rendering of 5 gold stars

You can never go wrong buying a top rated tablet.

These tablets are tested, proven, and highly rated by countless customers and industry experts.

We’re going to list 3 of the best top rated tablets for you to look at. Click whichever ones you’re most interested in to view updating pricing, customer reviews, recommended accessories, and other good stuff.

The Best Tablets of 2016 Revealed

Time to get to the good stuff. Below you’ll find our handpicked, top rated, best tablets of 2016.

We’ve complied all the best tablets of the year and put them one this very page you’re looking at now to make buying a tablet easy.

To make choosing which tablet you want to buy straightforward, you’ll notice that we’ve broken up the top 2016 tablets into big tablets, and small tablets.

Please note that we are judging the size primarily based off of resolution, then screen size.

Best Big Tablets of 2016

These tablets are entertainment MONSTERS.

They boast, big, vivid, HD displays perfect for viewing family pictures, movies, playing games, etc.

The best big tablet listed here is the iPad Retina display. The best value can be found with the Kindle Fire HD.

The Best Tablet to Buy Today

We’re going to judge the best tablet to buy today on just one single metric.

We believe this is the most important metric you can use to help make any kind of computer purchase. Laptop, netbook, tablet, smartphone, this is the way technology professional make purchases that they are still happy with years later.


Value is the most important metric when selecting the best tablet to buy today because it guarantees a good deal.

Buying a tablet with high value means you’re getting the best tablet for the money.

When you buy a high value tablet you’re getting a high performance device that comes at an inexpensive price. What’s not to like about that?

So, based on that value principle, which tablet should you buy today? The Kindle Fire HD.
Mini Kindle Fire

The Kindle Fire HD (both the 7″ and 8.9″ models) are easily the best tablet devices for families worldwide. The Kindle Fire does everything you would want a tablet to do, all starting at under $200.

If you want to read more about the Kindle Fire HD, click here. If you want customer reviews, current pricing, popular accessories, or to buy the Kindle Fire HD, click here.

Otherwise, read on!

The Best Cheap Tablet is… Tied.

Before we move on let’s spend 45 seconds talking about the best cheap tablet.

You just read about the Kindle Fire HD being the best tablet available today based exclusively on value. Like we said, it’s the best tablet for families on the market. At $199 for the 7″ model and under $250 for the 8.9″ model, it’s also one of the best cheap tablets out there.


There is one condition. The Kindle Fire is the best tablet for families because of how simple it is to use. Your kids can use it, your parents can you it, you can use it; all without any steep learning curve. That’s a beautiful thing.

There are some smart people out there who will want to tweak with advanced system settings and hack around with complex apps. These people have “outgrown” the simple Kindle Fire. If you consider yourself an advanced technology type of guy or gal, you’re past the Kindle tablets.

In the case that you are a power user who loves to fiddle around with complex settings, the best cheap tablet for you is the Galaxy Tab 2. Under $200, can be rooted, and all the other good stuff you crave.

galaxy tab2

Super smart technology enthusiasts of the world! Click here for more juicy technical specs and buying details on the best cheap tablet for the power users, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.

Cool? Got it? Good. Let’s move on and talk about some Android tablets now.

Best Android Tablet Available Now

Looking through our site stats we saw a lot of you were searching for the best Android tablet.

Android tablets have truly taken the tablet market by storm.

Once upon a time you couldn’t even talk about the best tablets available because Apple had the industry completely dominated.

It took some time, but today Android tablets are some of the best devices around. There are many serious alternatives to the iPad powered by Android.

What are Android Tablets?

android logo

Android is the name of the Operating System created by Google.

Just like you’re using a computer right now running Windows, an operating system created by Microsoft, or Mac OS X, an operating system created by Apple.

The attraction to Android is that is is open source software. This means anybody can view the source code of the OS (operating system) and create custom versions by tweaking the programming code.

Back to business!

Best Tablet on a Budget

Tablets come in all shapes, sizes, and prices. We’re about to reveal to you the best tablets for every budget.

Let’s find the perfect one that fits your price range now. Simply click the tablet that matches your budget to learn more about the specs, customer reviews, recommended accessories, price, and more.

Best Tablet Under $500

apple ipad

No question, easy answer – iPad. The iPad is at the top of the food chain in the tablet world.

The only thing this model lacks is the retina display, which is available for $100 more.

Best Tablet Under $400

Apple iPad mini

Surprise! Another iPad! The mini version of the ever-successful iPad could save you $100.

Spend the next 15 seconds asking yourself if there’s a legitimate reason why you shouldn’t save $100 by buying this iPad Mini.

Best Tablet Under $300

Nexus 7

Hello Android. The Nexus 7 is the first android tablet on our budget tablet list.

There is a tremendous amount of value packed into the Nexus 7. This is one of our favorite android tablets.

Best Tablet Under $200

Kindle Fire HD
The top value award goes to… the Kindle Fire HD!

Watch movies, play games, surf the web, fiddle with apps, and more with our favorite tablet under $200.

Best Tablet for Kids

tablet kid

Tablets are quickly emerging as learning tools essential to introducing kids to the ever advancing world of technology.

As you already know, EVERYTHING is online these days, and computers are replacing more traditional methods of doing these as every day passes.

Buying a tablet for your kid is an excellent way to give them a head start on developing computer skills on their own.

We’ve provided you with our top 3 recommendations for the best tablet for kids:

  • Based on the HUGE amount of education & entertainment apps available alone, the iPad Mini has earned the title of best tablet for kids. You will need to supervise use of the iPad, though. The device is not exactly durable!
  • If you’re an Android enthusiast eager for your child to grow into an Android powered environment, go with the Google Nexus 7. More details on the Nexus 7 here.
  • Can your child read? If you are the parent of a toddler who hasn’t yet grasped reading at a basic level, you should check out the Leap Frog LeapPad. It’s great for young children who are still learning the bare basics of math, speech, writing, identifying patterns, and more. The LeapPad is also the most durable option of the 3 listed above You can find more details on the LeapPad here.
  • Which is the Best Tablet Overall?

    Whew! How is that for a comprehensive buying guide?

    You’ve just finished a complete tour of all the top tablets available for purchase today.

    Which tablet is the best? There is no overall “best” tablet. It comes down to personal taste and your own unique needs.

    Here is a compilation of the best tablets we discussed here on this page today:

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 2
    Apple iPad Mini
    Kindle Fire HD
    Google Nexus 10
    Google Nexus 7
    Apple iPad (Retina Display)

    Enjoy your New Tablet!

    That’s all for today, folks!

    Leave any questions you have about finding the best tablet in the comments below and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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