4 New Uses for Your Old Tablet


Now that the holidays are over, you may have been one of the lucky ones who ended up with a shiny new tablet. You love your new next-gen device and you’re eager to get the most out of it now that it can run newer apps much smoother. You’re so into it that you forgot one device that can be of as much use as your brand new tool. Your old tablet!

Yes, you can sell it. But if you are feeling like keeping it or don’t want to go through the hassle of selling it, you must know your old tablet can still be of great use.

Like what? You might ask. Well, check out this list of a couple of uses you can give your old tablet:



If you like to read, you’ve probably already used your tablet to read books. They might not be as great as a Kindle Paperwhite, but tablets are good and comfortable for reading. But personally, I find myself too distracted when reading on my tablet. Constant app notifications, E-mails and more always seem to interrupt (and I can’t seem to ignore them!) so sometimes I wish I could have a dedicated reading device.

You can strip down your tablets of all apps (except for iBooks or/and the Kindle app of course), and turn off all notifications to avoid being tempted. Doing this will also give you extra battery life for your long reading sessions.

You can follow this guide on how to turn your tablet into a dedicated E-Reader.

Portable Media Center


Using the same approach as before, you can strip down your tablet of all apps and make room for all your media. You can load up all your music, movies, and photos to your tablet and take it to any room (or place) you want. Its just as easy as having a good media app and plugging it in via HDMI (or AirPlay for Apple devices). Voila, you have your whole updated media library with you all the time.

Second Monitor


A lot of people don’t know this, but you can use your tablet as a second monitor for your PC/Mac computer. You can use any of several apps that allow you to do this. Find one that suits your price range and needs. They can go for $1.99 to $14.99 depending on your preferences.

Whichever you choose will sure be less expensive than a new monitor. Plus you have the advantage of your tablet being touchscreen. So you can, for example, drag a Photoshop window to your tablet display and work on it with a stylus or your finger instead of using a mouth. Possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Digital Photo Frame


That’s an expensive photo frame, you might say. Well, yes. But if you already have an old tablet, you are not using it, and you don’t want to spend any money. Hey, you might as well use it! Coupled with a dock and any photo frame app (there are a lot to choose from) it would sure look great anywhere in your house. Plus you have the advantage that it probably is bigger than most photo frames, which means it will look even better.

There are many more uses, alarm clock, cookbook (you can mount it in the kitchen easily with Velcro), security monitor (paired with an IP camera), GPS mapping, remote control for a lot of supported devices (I use my tablet as my Smart TV remote controller, for example). Just think of a way it can make your life easier. There are infinite uses for that old tablet sitting in a drawer, take advantage of it!