3 Key Reasons to Choose Tablets Over Desktops

Tablets are taking over. The tablet market has exploded over the past few years as the desktop PC continues to suffer lower sales numbers each year. Coincidence? I think not.

Tablets are gaining HUGE popularity. More and more people are beginning to realize a tablet suits their needs better than a laptop or a desktop, AND they’re cheaper than those traditional alternatives.

Let’s look at just 3 of the main reasons to choose tablets over desktops.

Tablets Offer the Most Portability

A desktop is good for one room and only one room – unless you want to unplug everything and lift the 30-pound nightmare. Most tablets will fit in a purse, and some 7” tablets fit in larger pockets. Put a decent case on your tablet, throw it into your bag, and take a personal computer with you wherever you go.

Your files, music, and pictures are all portable too. A lot of it is stored on the cloud – log in with your credentials on a new tablet and you still have all of your media. No need to pay for a service to transfer your files from one hard drive to another the way you do with a desktop.

Stop Worrying About Viruses, Updates, and Operating Systems

Desktops (both Windows PCs and Macs) can get viruses, have annoying intrusive updates, and the operating systems are difficult to use sometimes. Desktop users can have a problem with a program not running properly and it turns out something completely unrelated to the program is the cause. It’s confusing, and on tablets this is almost entirely a non-issue. On a tablet you have the Play Store that has everything for you – games, office suites, e-mail programs, music, and books.

Updating a tablet is 90% automatic, via “OTA” updates. When an update is available, it lets you know. It downloads the update, installs it, and restarts your tablet (if necessary) in as fast as it takes for most people to update their desktop PC.

Since tablets have a touch screen, getting used to which gestures to what is really the only thing you have to worry about getting used to with the Android OS. For everything else, you just tap on what you want to open and you’re in business. The hardest thing for my mother (who is 53) to learn how to do is how to get to the notification center – it’s as easy as swiping down from the top left of the screen. Now, hop on a PC and it’ll take an hour for me to walk you through updating your drivers!

Tablets Are Cheap & Functional

A decent 10” tablet costs around $400. A decent 7” budget tablet will cost you around $250 (or less). The way Android works is that developers make their program to run on all of these without a problem. You don’t have to worry so much about “specs” the way you would with a PC or Mac. “If only this worked on my operating system!” or “If only I had a better graphics card!” – these phrases don’t exist when you deal with tablets. It just works.

Buy a tablet today to start enjoying your computer use more. Your family will love you for it.

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