The Top 2 Graphic Tablets for Drawing

Find the Best Graphic Tablet for Drawing The art of drawing has come quite a long way in the past decade. The introduction of the computer as a medium for drawing took the world by storm and new applications for art arose. Instead of spending hours drawing thousands of pictures for a comic flipbook effect, […]

4 New Uses for Your Old Tablet

Now that the holidays are over, you may have been one of the lucky ones who ended up with a shiny new tablet. You love your new next-gen device and you’re eager to get the most out of it now that it can run newer apps much smoother. You’re so into it that you forgot […]

Discover the Best eReader Today

Best eReader Today Physical books are becoming old technology with the introduction of eReaders, small electronic tablets equipped with e-ink screens, that allow you to download books onto them and store an entire library of hundreds of books on a conveniently small sized device. I’m not saying physical books are at threat of extinction, because […]

iPad mini Vs iPad Air: Best Value iPad?

Two months ago, Apple introduced two new products to its tablet lineup. The iPad mini with Retina display, and the iPad Air. Now the question to be answered is, what sets these two apart? The iPad Air retains its 9.7 inch display that it has had since the first iPad in 2010. Inside it has […]